The Afterthoughts


Dear Da Nang, 

It has been four days since I stepped back to my real hometown. Once again, I savor the usual commotion of the almost long-forgotten Manila noise and traffic. 

Still, the memories, the places, and the people still linger.

I miss all of them. 

It seems like those twelve days I was with you is a dream — one that captured my eyes and my heart — which transpired like fairy dust. Being with you is a bittersweet experience. It was enough to build memories and friendship, but short enough to say goodbyes. It left me longing to be with you and once again, see how every place and people remind me of how gracious the Author of my life and Creator of the universe is. 

You taught me valuable lessons in life, Da Nang. These lessons, which life graciously gave me, were the ones worth keeping. Thank you for opening my eyes to the wonders beyond the comfort zones I know. I saw your beauty in a different light — one that tarried in my heart and mind — which was a diamond waiting to be polished by His Almighty hands. 

Whenever I remembered looking at the vastness of your skies, I remembered thanking God for setting my foot in a land that was – and still is – rich in history, arts and culture yet hungry for His Word. 

I long to see you again, Da Nang but I know, one day, in His perfect timing, my heart will not long for you anymore.

I will, once again, see your blue skies tainted with white clouds, your mountain embracing the vastness of the sea, your people teeming with friendly warmth, your gastronomic cornucopia, your adventures waiting to be discovered, your rich history and culture that felt like my own, your struggles and your victories and everything else in between. 

My heart may be restless to see you now; still, I will wait. 

. . . I know, one day, in His perfect timing, my heart will not long for you anymore.

I will always carry you in my thoughts and prayers. 

I may go to different lands afterwards, yet I know, you, Da Nang, has already etched such place in my heart. 

Until I see you again. . . 

2 thoughts on “The Afterthoughts

    1. Joy!! Thank you for the friendship! I am blessed for knowing someone like you. I pray, one day, I will be able to be with you, guys again! I long to see Danang, but I will wait until the right time comes. Please do send my regards to everyone! 🙂

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