A Paper’s Tale

Crumpled paper

A piece of paper was cut out into a smaller bit. What a joyous day it was – to be used by your owner into something. SOMETHING! “I could be made into a card,” he thought, “to cheer up somebody’s heart.” Then he added, “Or a gift wrapper…or a notepad to remind my owner of her tasks! I could be everything or anything!”, he said.

Excited though he was, his owner wasn’t sure if she made the right cut. “Uh, oh!”, she said. “I think this paper was a little bit smaller for what I need.” and threw out the poor piece of paper.

Down went the paper into the trash bin – desolate…alone.

“It’s cold in here…why did she throw me out?”, the paper – now quite smaller than what he used to be – cried bitterly. “I could be of use! I could be anything!”, he sobbed.

A few minutes later, someone picked him up.

“Hmmm….I could use this. Better to have some piece of paper to jot down notes during the meeting.”

“Victory!”, he cried out. “I’ll be of use, at last!”

But during the meeting, a lot of misunderstood scribbles were drawn on him, in addition to the coffee stains he now bore.

“This would be useless,” said his new owner and crumpled the poor piece of paper. With the perfect angle, he was thrown back to the trash bin – desolate and alone…again.

And the poor piece of paper sat down in the trash bin, crying bitterly, feeling a sense of no purpose…

But behold! Wasn’t he the “star” of this story?

* * * * * * * *


Sometimes, in our lives, we allow others to “make” something out of us – anybody or anything – as long as we will also benefit from it. Too often than not, we want people’s approval and attention, as if those two things could really compensate who we really are.

But then, there are also people who can abuse our kindness or even our love; thus, leaving us desolate and alone into nowhere. We thought, most of the times, that once we have given our best for somebody and he or she – who have already thought you might be a wrong choice and have “finished business” with you – decided to bid goodbye, we find ourselves forsaken and for a moment, alone…


Yet, how great is the grace that God has lavished on us that, in spite of our brokenness, of our misgivings and of our sins, He chose to love us and to forgive us of our iniquities. How awesome and unfathomable it is that even if we do not deserve it, His grace abounds.

Moreover, isn’t it quizzical how great is His love for us that we are called His children? For God, we are not nothing. We are given His identity, the right more so, to be called HIS CHILDREN!

Even if you feel desolate, alone or forsaken, He promised with such faithfulness that He won’t leave us nor forsake us. True to His Word, GOD NEVER FAILS.

If we feel hurt or “used” by others, His grace and loving forgiveness enables us to also forgive, to love in the same way that God has loved both you and I.

In God’s eyes, YOU ARE VALUABLE – no matter what you did, even if you feel useless. YOU ARE LOVED even if others wouldn’t or couldn’t love you back. YOU ARE FORGIVEN, saved by the grace He has showered you. YOU ARE HIS…

The world declares “love” in numerous ways – through words of endearments, gifts, celebrations, etcetera – but it is Jesus Christ who proved that love goes beyond any words or gifts. When Jesus said “I LOVE YOU”, He DID it. He allowed Himself be crucified on the cross, giving His life for you and I – even if we do not deserve it – because He chooses to and He loves you even unto death..


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